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Meet the Team

Jess Billitz

*record scratch* Yep, that’s me. I bet you’re wondering how I ended up here.

(I always wanted to do that. Now, back to the bio.)

I’m Jess, and I started Mission Clean in late 2022. The inspiration behind the site was two-fold.

After experimenting with different career paths (pet care, teaching, real estate, personal training), I finally decided to pursue my childhood dream — writing. I began my freelance writing journey in January 2020, just months before *gestures vaguely* y’know.

The pandemic hit, I was working full-time from home, and I was going weeks without leaving the house. If I’m being honest, I still do that last one now.

My household cleaning journey started simple. It started with boredom. Then, a scrub brush here, a bottle of all-purpose cleaner there, and a sh*t-ton of candles. There were so, so, so many candles. I soon started playing around with basic round-the-house-cleaning tasks — vacuuming, removing sink stains, lifting mildew from the tub grout, you name it. 

As I was moving out of my last apartment, I cleaned the place from top to bottom before handing in my keys. It took eight hours — an exciting eight hours (seriously, not joking).

A few months later, I finally decided to start my own website after writing content for other sites for years. Of course, household cleaning was a natural choice. These days, I spend about an hour a day cleaning in one way or another.

But my passion for organization and cleaning didn’t really “start” during the pandemic. It actually traces back to my teen years. Every few months, I’d get the sudden urge to completely reorganize the furniture in my bedroom. My mom would see half of my furniture in the hallway, say “uh-oh,” and check out my “brand new bedroom” a few hours later.

I believe Mrs. Benson — yes, the one from iCarly — was absolutely correct when she said: “Wet and sticky is very icky. Sticky and wet makes mommy upset.” 

However, my favorite part of cleaning is the before and after. I love to see how much dirt and hair my upright vacuum picks up… how murky the water is when I use my Little Green on months-old stains… the transformation between a dirty sink to a clean one.

Weird? Maybe. But I’m having a hell of a time doing it, and that’s all that matters.

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