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Category: Fragrances + Odors

These are blog posts about household scents, aromas, and odors.

9 reasons your scented candle doesn't smell (featured image)

9 Reasons Your Scented Candle Doesn’t Smell


A scented candle will traditionally take less than a half-hour to begin releasing its fragrance after lighting it. So, if you light your candle, let it burn,…

incense vs candles which is the safer option (featured image)

Incense vs. Candles: Which Is the Safest Option?


Incense and candles share a ton of similarities. Both candles and incense date back to ancient times, require a flame, slowly release fragrance into a…

do air fresheners actually work (featured image)

Do Air Fresheners Actually Work? [+ Better Alternatives]


Air fresheners are our go-to whenever the air goes stale, the cats bomb the litter box, or fish dinner doesn’t go as expected. However, the…

what absorbs bad smells in a room naturally (featured image)

What Absorbs Bad Smells Naturally? [9 Proven Tactics]


Traditional air fresheners are a simple way to cover up unpleasant household odors, but that’s also all they do—mask the problem. Some are a blend…

this is what a smoker's house really smells like (featured image)

The Truth About What a Smoker’s House Smells Like


Noseblindness isn’t just a cleverly coined term-gone-mainstream (thanks, Febreze). After a few whiffs, your brain tunes out all non-threatening scents—like cigarette smoke. So, if you’re…

how do you know if your house stinks (featured image)

How Do You Know if Your House Stinks?


You use air fresheners and candles to keep your home smelling super clean and fresh. These odor eliminators, mixed with our detergents, cooking habits, and…


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