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Category: Fragrances + Odors

These are blog posts about household scents, aromas, and odors.

why does your house smell even if its clean (featured image)

Why Does Your House Smell Even if It’s Clean? [11 Reasons]


Musty, fishy, smoky, and even rotten odors are enough to kickstart a whole-home cleaning frenzy at first whiff. The only problem is that no amount…

how to use essential oils without a diffuser (featured image)

How To Use Essential Oils Without a Diffuser [11 Methods]


With a fine, fragrant mist, a diffuser is arguably the simplest way to spread the aroma of essential oils throughout a home. But what if…

does every house have a smell (featured image)

Does Every House Have a Smell? [+ Why You Can’t Smell Yours]


A OnePoll poll revealed that, as guests, we prefer sweet (63%), floral (61%), and savory (51%) fragrances when entering a house. But what your home actually smells…

a bowl of vinegar to absorb odors (featured image)

A Bowl of Vinegar to Absorb Odors? [+ 6 Other Home Uses]


Like baking soda, vinegar is one of the most popular DIY cleaning products. In fact, you can use it to clean clothes, unclog drains, descale…

best places to put a diffuser (featured image)

7 Best Places To Put a Diffuser [+ 7 Places Not To]


Essential oil diffusers add to a room’s cozy ambiance; their fragrances make the whole house smell inviting. But where are the best places to put…

how long do three wick candles last (featured image)

How Long Do 3-Wick Candles Last? [+ Burn Time Charts]


Remove the lid, light the wick, set it down. Following these steps will certainly result in a lit candle. Yet, without proper wick care, they…


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