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Category: Indoor Cleaning

These are blog posts about indoor cleaning tips.

the 7 step home cleaning process (featured image)

The 7-Step Cleaning Process [Clean Like a Pro!]


Do you have a few hours to spare, a bucket full of cleaning supplies, and the motivation to make your inner-Monica Gellar proud? If so,…

how long does it take to clean a house (featured image)

How Long Does It Take To Clean a House? [On Average]


A lack of time is a common excuse for a lot of things we dislike doing (i.e., exercise, inviting the in-laws over, cleaning, etc.). But…

this is why slow vacuuming is the best way (featured image)

This Is Why Slow Vacuuming Is the Best Way


Height settings, attachment selection, and — yes — speed all play a role in vacuuming efficiency. “Slow” vacuuming, as it’s called on social media, is only the…

can you use dish soap to mop floors (featured image)

Can You Use Dish Soap to Mop Floors? [+ How Much]


Dish soap is one of the most versatile household cleaning agents. You can use it to clean hard surfaces, remove grime on windows and mirrors,…

is it worth fixing an old vacuum (featured image)

Is It Worth Fixing an Old Vacuum? [vs. Buying a New One]


With prices ranging from <$100 to $1,000, it’s natural to wonder whether your broken or dirty vacuum is worth the hassle… or if it’d make…

how often should you clean your vacuum (featured image)

How Often Should You Clean Your Vacuum? [+ Individual Parts]


The average vacuum cleaner lasts for ~8 years. However, with regular maintenance and upkeep, you can potentially stretch this several years longer. So, how often should…


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