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best places to put a diffuser (featured image)

7 Best Places To Put a Diffuser [+ 7 Places Not To]


Essential oil diffusers add to a room’s cozy ambiance; their fragrances make the whole house smell inviting. But where are the best places to put…

can you use dish soap to mop floors (featured image)

Can You Use Dish Soap to Mop Floors? [+ How Much]


Dish soap is one of the most versatile household cleaning agents. You can use it to clean hard surfaces, remove grime on windows and mirrors,…

is it worth fixing an old vacuum (featured image)

Is It Worth Fixing an Old Vacuum? [vs. Buying a New One]


With prices ranging from <$100 to $1,000, it’s natural to wonder whether your broken or dirty vacuum is worth the hassle… or if it’d make…

how long do three wick candles last (featured image)

How Long Do 3-Wick Candles Last? [+ Burn Time Charts]


Remove the lid, light the wick, set it down. Following these steps will certainly result in a lit candle. Yet, without proper wick care, they…

can you spray febreze on carpet (featured image)

Can You Spray Febreze On Carpet? [+ 5 Better Alternatives]


Carpets are notorious for hanging onto bad odors — from mold and moisture to spills, pet accidents, and normal degradation. And Febreze is one of…

how often should you clean your vacuum (featured image)

How Often Should You Clean Your Vacuum? [+ Individual Parts]


The average vacuum cleaner lasts for ~8 years. However, with regular maintenance and upkeep, you can potentially stretch this several years longer. So, how often should…

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