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Household Cleaning Essentials: Our 15 Top Picks

The average American family spent about $40–50 monthly on household cleaning supplies in 2017. By 2022, that number jumped to $70 monthly. But we firmly believe that keeping your home clean year-round shouldn’t cost half a month’s rent.

And what you do spend on cleaning supplies should be money well-spent — on tools that last years and mixtures that actually work. No shedding bristles, leaky bottles, sticky residues, obnoxious chemical odors, or flimsy plastics. 

To help you keep your home squeaky clean and guest-ready, we’ve compiled a list of our 15 favorite home-cleaning supplies. 

Keep reading to see our top picks (and how we chose them)!

How We Chose These Products

Our selection process involved five parts:

“Need” vs. “Want” 

If you wanted to perform every possible household cleaning duty, you’d need well over 140 products. (Yes, we did the math. That long-a*s list is coming soon.) 

We aimed to narrow that down to just the products needed to complete most basic cleaning tasks — about 75–85%.

First came the “need.” These are the essentials for handling everyday messes. Tools like all-purpose cleaners and scrub brushes are the foundation of any household cleaning arsenal. 

Next was the “want.” Beyond the basics, we wanted to include a few products that could enhance cleaning power for those needing extra oomph. These tools target stubborn stains, pick up pet hair, and make cleaning simply more efficient. 

Where Product Choice Matters Most

We also wanted to choose products that actually make a difference. 

For some staples, the difference between products isn’t significant enough to recommend any particular brand or item. A mop bucket may have an ergonomic handle, and some baking sodas are clumpier than others — but both will still do the job.

Instead, we focused on cleaning supplies with unique features that set them apart from similar products. Take the Scrub Daddy, for example. Unlike most regular sponges, they’re non-scratch and change texture based on water temperature.

Tried + Tested

Though we did weigh user reviews, we also stepped it up a notch. We’ve owned, tested, and still use every product on this list. So when we recommend products, it’s not because we think they work — it’s because we know they do.

Value for Money

When choosing these products, we wanted to strike a balance between performance and cost. (Side note: We also live for sales, discounts, and saving money.)

To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, we looked at things like:

  • Price per ounce
  • Whether buying in bulk comes with a discount
  • How the cost compares to similar products from competitors
  • Whether any of its “extra” features or brand name justify higher prices
  • How long it’ll last (on average) 


Finally, we wanted to ensure that the recommended products wouldn’t just collect dust in the closet. You won’t find any “specialized” cleaners like stainless steel cleaners or grout brushes on this list.

But you will use most of these supplies daily or weekly. Most tools on this list are also versatile enough for several tasks. For example, you can use microfiber cloths for cleaning hard surfaces, dusting, and de-smudging windows. 

15 Cleaning Products We Love

Here’s a closer look at our top picks:

Scrub Daddy Scrub Mommy

From the makers of Scrub Daddy comes the Scrub Mommy, a dual-textured sponge that changes the cleaning game forever. One side features the classic FlexTexture foam we all know and love. It hardens to tackle tougher scrubbing in cold water, and in warm water, it softens for a gentler clean.

Unlike her husband, you can flip ‘er over to discover her cutting-edge ResoFoam surface. This softer side is naturally sudsy and ultra-absorbent, perfect for quick spill clean-up and drying dishes. Oh, and its smiley face shape — that baby’s much more than a cutesy design choice.

By sticking your fingers into the eye holes, you can keep a firm grip and reach deep into the bottom of cups for 360° cleaning. The mouth is also just narrow enough for cleaning utensils in seconds. Scratch-free on dozens of surfaces and available in multi-color packs, there’s no reason not to bring this gal home.

Casabella Plastic Cleaning Caddy

Measuring 15.25 x 10.25 x 5.25, the Casabella Cleaning Caddy is the perfect size for carrying cleaning supplies throughout the house. It’s compact enough to fit on a shelf or under the sink yet roomy enough to stockpile the essentials — bottles, gloves, squeegees, cloths, and dusters. But this bad boy’s best feature is its built-in handle.

It pokes out inches above the rest of the caddy, adding to its low-profile design, and sits central to your cleaning must-haves for level carrying. With 1.5 gallons of storage space compatible with the Casabella Mop Bucket, there’s no reason not to add this baby to your cleaning arsenal.

O-Cedar Pet Pro Broom + Step-On Dustpan PowerCorner

This broom + dustpan combo from O-Cedar is the ultimate companion for conquering 99% of dust, dirt, and pet hair with a single sweep. Its dual-bristle technology unleashes maximum floor cleaning power. The firm black bristles wrangle up larger debris, while its soft gray bristles are a menace to dust and dirt. Adding to its durability is the heavy-duty bristle design that “snaps back” into place for a broom that maintains its shape long-term.

O-Cedar also dialed things up a notch with its convenient step-on dustpan. By stepping on the pan, you create a “seal” between the pan’s lip and the floor for 3x more hair pickup without bending over or chasing that endless line of dirt. With an anti-static dustpan that requires a single tap to toss and an angled head for tackling tight corners, you may never need another broom again.

Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner

The cleaner that needs no intro, Lysol’s All-Purpose Cleaner is the perfect grab-and-go tool for tough messes and everyday cleaning. But this old-school classic is more than “just a cleaner” — it’s a triple-action powerhouse. Lysol cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes for a sanitary and fresh-smelling surface every time.

Tough on grime and grease and able to kill 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces in ~30 seconds, the cleaning power of Lysol is tough to beat. You can confidently use it on your home’s grimiest hard surfaces, including countertops, tubs, sinks, or garbage bins. It comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle with a classic, refreshing lemony scent that just screams clean.

Lysol Disinfectant Wipes

With 320 wipes in three fragrances, this Lysol Disinfectant Wipe bundle is the perfect mix of convenience and refreshing. Each of the four tubs packs 80 wipes, giving you 80 clean linen, 80 mango and hibiscus, and 160 of the classic lemon and lime blossom wipes.

But it’s their disinfecting power and general “clean” feeling that’ll rock your world. These wipes kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria — including cold, flu, and COVID-19 — and eliminate common allergens. Add in a strength that’s 3x stronger than paper towels, and you have a durable pick-me-up for wiping down everything from remotes to hard surfaces. Simply grab, wipe, and toss for a clean (and invigorating scent) that lasts!

Dawn Ultra Dish Soap

Dawn Ultra Dish Soap is where simplicity meets power. Dubbed “America’s #1 dish liquid,” its ultra-concentrated formula tackles stuck-on foods with 50% less scrubbing. But its cleaning power goes far beyond the kitchen sink and utensils.

Dawn Ultra also moonlights as an all-purpose cleaner for stainless steel, cabinets, and even vehicle rims. This fella is a much-needed sidekick in your caddy with 3x more grease-cleaning power than ordinary dish soaps and a clean that sparkles. To quote one reviewer, “I mean, it’s just soap” — and a good one, at that.

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

With four neon colors, MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths bring a pop of color and make color-coding cleaning a reality for our fellow Type A’s. Their 85/15 polyester and nylon blend plus reinforced edges make them a unique mix of soft and durable. Each 12.6 x 12.6 cloth is tough enough to clean cars, windows, and kitchenware but also delicate enough to remove fingerprints from fine china.

With 12 ultra-absorbent cloths that can survive hundreds of washings, you’ll have an endless supply whenever you need it. Tack on the fact that they’re machine-washable and don’t leave streaks or lint, and you have the perfect grab-and-go rag for all your cleaning needs.

Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Power Scrubber

The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is your secret weapon for a more efficient clean. Shaped like an electric toothbrush and easy to grip, it can tackle grime where a scrub brush can’t reach, such as around fixtures and tight corners. Its two scrubbing settings also add a touch of versatility for a clean that matches the task.

Whether it’s grout grime or tough set-in stains, this tool’s oscillating head (60 times per second) makes cleaning twice as quick as manual scrubbing. You can also buy interchangeable heads separately to up your cleaning game with as little elbow grease as possible. Seriously, you’ll find yourself looking for things to scrub once you give her a whirl.

Libman Tornado Mop

The Libman Tornado Mop might just change your floor-cleaning routine forever. It’s safe on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble, and stone. But with its self-wringing feature that takes elbow grease almost entirely out of the equation, it’s much more than a regular ‘ol mop.

It also has a corner-friendly design and bacteria-resistant fibers for a hygienic clean from corner to corner. Along with the mop, this bundle comes with three cotton replacement heads that are easy to attach and machine-washable. Simply swap in a new head once you’ve dirtied up the first, and never push dirt around again!

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Though the “magic” behind Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is no longer a mystery (it’s the melamine), the cleaning power in these pads is still a crowd-pleaser. This 6-pack offers unparalleled performance that’s three times as powerful as most cleaners — with no harsh chemicals.

Just wet, squeeze, and scrub to remove those stuck-on stains forever! Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are your go-to sidekick for marks on walls, bathtubs, light switches, and everything in between. And with 40% less scrubbing required, you can make your kids’ wall art and countertop wine stains seemingly disappear.

Carrand Lint + Hair Removal Brush

Hair, lint, and fuzz are no match for the Carrand Lint + Hair Removal Brush. Though compact at just 10 x 4.2 x 1.7, this brush is nothing short of a goliath. Its comfort-grip handle is molded to fit your hand for a firm grasp when de-shedding pet beds or removing lint from couches.

But even more impressive is this brush’s electrostatic rubber bristles. Tightly packed and an inch long, they act as a magnet for fuzz and hair — raking it into a pile while being gentle enough for delicate upholstery fabrics. If you’re a pet owner or can’t seem to win against lint and fuzz, this thing is a must.

Windex Glass + Window Cleaner

The world’s favorite glass cleaner, Windex, now comes in new-and-improved, leak-free, and recycled packaging. The blue formula begins working from the very first spritz — cutting through smudges and fingerprints.

You’ll enjoy a streak-free shine and no residue build-up for up to 30 days. With fewer cleanings per year and versatile enough for all sorts of windows and glass, there’s no logical reason to pass on the Windex.

BISSELL Little Green Machine

The BISSELL Little Green Machine is your compact yet powerful fix to carpet, upholstery, rug, stair, and car interior stains. It comes equipped with two stain-lifting tools — a 3” Tough Stain tool (standard) and a Spraying Crevice tool for reaching narrow gaps. You’ll also get the Self-Cleaning Hose tool for de-gunking the hose post-cleaning and an 8-ounce trial bottle of Febreze Spot + Stain formula.

Just unpack the box, fill the 48-ounce tank with water and stain remover liquid, plug it in, and clean. The suction power and stain-lifter duo can seemingly make coffee, wine, and pet stains disappear. But the Little Green Machine does more than just pack a powerful punch. It’s also incredibly lightweight at just 9.6 pounds, and with a 15-foot cord, you can travel from room to room without unnecessary hassle.

(Warning: This one is strangely addicting.)

Read our full Little Green Machine review!

Black+Decker POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Stick Vacuum

The Black+Decker POWERSERIES+ 16V MAX Stick Vacuum is beastly yet small. Like other stick vacuums, this bad boy is small, measuring just 9.84 x 6.77 x 43.5 and weighing 8.1 pounds. But its 16V battery, 25% more pickup, and AutoSense feature that adjusts the suction power to floor type make this vacuum a real head-turner. Each charge delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime — long enough to vacuum a small apartment.

With a front-facing dustbin and long reach, you can also vacuum deep under couches and beds. It also comes with a few bonuses. There’s an anti-tangle brush bar for hassle-free cleaning, LED headlights, and a simple handheld vacuum conversion. Easy to carry upstairs and store upright, this Black+Decker vacuum is hard to beat for the price point.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

No cleaning caddy is complete without a versatile stain remover, and OxiClean is our top pick. This oxygen-powered, water-activated powder has 101+ uses around the home. Use it as an in-wash laundry booster, floor cleaner, or grime remover around bathroom fixtures. The ultimate multi-tasker, OxiClean is tough on stubborn stains and lifts ‘em away with some science. (It breaks down protein bonds and actually decolorizes set-in stains.)

But don’t let that scare you. It’s also color-safe, chlorine-free, and septic-tank-safe, making it a trusted tool on your most vibrant colors and white carpets. Simply use it as a paste or mix it with water, and put those tough stains to bed.

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